In partnership with Esteem Network, Respect ME is now offering schools a brand new boys' course which is aimed at boys who struggle with valuing and respecting themselves and others, in particular girls. It is a 6 week course which will run weekly for schools local to South Manchester. (For schools further away, we may need to tailor the course.)

94% of young people in custodial establishments are male.     Transforming Youth Custody – Feb 2013

94% of young people in custodial establishments are male. Transforming Youth Custody – Feb 2013

Week 1: Are You Man Enough? (Becoming a Good Man)  
Week 2: The R Word (Respect)  
Week 3: Love Versus Lust   
Week 4: Let’s Talk About Girls 
Week 5: Where’s Your Head At? (The Media & Your Mind) 
Week 6: Safe or Sorry (Hygiene)

Respect ME’s passion is to journey with pupils during their time at school, encouraging, informing and educating them on some of those hard-to-face topics that every person comes across during their lives. We aim to give students the tools and information to help them make positive choices when facing these issues.

Each session is run informally with ice-breaker games and personal stories. Each session requires a minimum of 1 hour but if possible 1 1/2 to 2 hours would enable us to deliver a more comprehensive discussion and Q&A time.

The problem is not in becoming a man, but it’s what kind of man we become.
— Ben Hurst, Boys' Project Developer, Esteem Network

Lesson requirements:

  • Ideally 1 hour (longer allows for discussion)
  • Ideally the same room to save time setting up/down
  • PowerPoint facilities, i.e. screen and sound (tutors will bring their own MacBook and adapter)
  • A male member of staff

Two weeks in advance, please send us the following:

  • A timetable
  • We send two tutors if available and they would appreciate lunch if possible

Please see the Bookings page for details on pricing.

“It has helped me find my way and realise I am valuable.”

”It has helped me understand things clearer.”

”It showed me how we should be respecting people.”
— Students who have done this course

We asked students after the course: Based on this session, what would you say it means to be a good man?

“Being emotionally and physically prepared for the obstacles life throws at you.”

“To be open with yourself and your feelings and to have confidence with the decisions you make.”

“[I liked] how it allows me not to follow the crowd.”