Project 6 continues the input that Project 5 gives on to the 6th form. Many schools were wanting to continue the investment from Respect ME to their 6th form students and this is how we do that.

Each session is run informally with ice-breaker games and personal stories. All sessions can be delivered to single sex groups, however it has been successfully delivered to mixed groups as well. Each session requires a minimum of 1 hour but if possible 1 1/2 to 2 hours would enable us to deliver a more comprehensive discussion and Q&A time.

Lesson requirements:

  • Ideally 1 hour (longer allows for discussion)

  • Ideally the same room to save time setting up/down

  • PowerPoint facilities, i.e. screen and sound (tutors will bring their own MacBook and adapter)

  • A member of staff (same sex if all one sex pupils)

Two weeks in advance, please send us the following:

  • A timetable

  • Notification of whether classes are all girls/all boys/mixed and how many pupils in total

  • We send two tutors if available and they would appreciate lunch if possible

Please see the Bookings page for details on pricing.

If you would like to evaluate how successful these sessions have been with your students, then please download this evaluation form.

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