In December 2011, Christian Pountain, Head of RE from St. Christopher's C of E school, Accrington, asked Emma Owen (former member of The Tribe) to deliver a lesson on sex and relationships from a Christian perspective. She had 15 years' experience of delivering lessons in schools and thought it would be a one-off challenge. But the response from the pupils was so outstanding it overwhelmed Emma and she knew that this is what she had been called to do. By the time she left the school Respect ME was born.

One year later Georgia Houghton (former Message Academy student and founder of On the Edge Theatre Co.)  joined the team bringing character, quality, gifting, powerful stories and a great sense of humour.

Soon after, Project 5 was developed, looking at five issues that our young people struggle with, in a desire to help them build up their self image. These five topics – Self Esteem, Bullying, Sex & Relationships, Sexting and Abuse – were written age-appropriately for the five year groups of high school. This enabled Respect ME to offer a programme that could be delivered to an entire school year on year, with the team returning to deliver new lessons to each year group and going on a journey with pupils through their entire time at secondary school, building up trust with them along the way.

We are constantly adding new team members as Respect ME grows and we are excited to announce that in 2015/16 Respect ME will be launching teams in Wales and South Africa. Get to know the new tutors under Meet The Team.