St. Christopher’s, Accrington, has been privileged to partner with Respect ME to deliver a pilot of Project 5, a brand new, exciting resource for schools, which represents the complete package for pupils from Year 7–11. Over the course of an academic year, Emma and Georgia deliver a high energy, top quality, utterly relevant, and potentially life-changing session for every child in the school, with age-appropriate themes, carefully chosen to make maximum impact on pupils’ contexts. Both ladies are highly skilled in engaging and connecting with young people, and the nature of Project 5, involving repeated visits to the school, enables relationships of trust to build over time. This is a much needed resource for our time and represents genuine value for money. Our pupils now look forward to their time with Emma and Georgia as a real highlight of the calendar. I thoroughly recommend them to others without reservation.
— Christian Pountain, Head of RE & Director of Spirituality, St. Christopher’s Church of England High School (Ofsted 'Outstanding' School), Accrington

Emma Owen delivered a highly engaging and relevant session to our students on a Christian perspective on sex and relationships. Using a combination of her own powerful story, multimedia clips and group discussion, she empowered students to challenge their own perceptions and make wise choices for their future.
— Dave Boden, Assistant Principal, Grace Academy, Coventry

The students involved found these sessions to be extremely engaging and enlightening. We felt that sensitive issues were challenged and discussed in a frank yet approachable way without the students feeling awkward or embarrassed. Having this material delivered by you rather than school staff made the students able to be more open and honest with their opinions regarding sex and relationships. We had feedback from one parent who said that this was one of the best intervention sessions that school had ever held and that we should do more of these in the future.
— Emma Geddis, Senior Head of Year, Cheadle Hulme High School

Respect ME’s recent visit to Congleton High School most certainly captured the interests of our students. By using a range of media and teaching strategies including the use of film clips, games, role play and discussion, the students were able to engage fully and enthusiastically with the subject matter. Whilst encouraging the students to consider the Christian perspective, Emma and Georgia took a non-evangelistic tone and engaged their audience through a balance of humour and thought-provoking anecdotes. One member of staff commented, ‘The workshop was one of the best I’ve ever seen, the students were hooked.’
— Caroline Eckersley, Congleton High School


“Bullying can have a huge impact on everybody. I cried when I saw the Respect ME video it touched my heart. If I see anyone bullying anyone else I will definitely do something about it and befriend the victim, whoever they are!”
— A student in Grace Academy, Coventry
“My favourite part was hearing Emma and Georgia’s talk because they are both really nice, their talks are always good, and after I hear them I always feel good about myself.”

“The session with Respect ME, they made it funny and I learnt that I am worth something.”

“Respect ME were both girls and they have experienced what they were talking about. They understood how we all feel.”

“Emma and Georgia’s session made me realise I can say ‘no’ to things.”
— Students at St Christopher's, Accrington Yr 10
“My favourite part was talking to Emma about sex and relationships. She made me feel beautiful even though no one has ever called me that, even though I don’t see that in the mirror.”

“Emma made me feel strong enough to say ‘no.’ She taught us how to love ourselves and taught us to have respect for ourselves.”
— Students at St. Christopher’s, Accrington Yr 11
“I loved Emma Owen’s workshop. She was so engaging and easy to listen to.”

“Emma Owen’s talk on sex and relationships and self-esteem [was my favourite] because I felt she communicated greatly and kept the subjects interesting. She also contributed with her own personal experiences and allowed us to participate in various activities.”
— Students at a Sixth Form Spirituality Day