There are a few different ways you can book Respect ME to come to your school. Just use the form below to enquire/book.


Project 5
Project 5 is the delivery of an age-appropriate lesson to every student in your school over one academic year. This can be done either through 'back to back’ one-hour classroom lessons for each year group (up to 5 full days). Or we can see entire year groups in a hall (one to two hours at a time). The price remains the same whichever delivery you choose.

£1,100 plus VAT.


Fixed daily rate
Outside of Project 5, if you want to book a team for additional lessons either for the day or just a couple of hours, you will be charged a fixed daily rate. 

£275 plus VAT. 


As part of a Message Schools Week
If you book a Message Schools Week with one of The Message teams (BrightLine, Vital Signs, SoulBox and Amongst Wolves), and have never had Respect ME in your school, you are then entitled to one day with Respect ME entirely FREE. 

Respect ME is a touring national and international team. Our teams are based in locations across the UK (Greater Manchester, Cardiff, Lincoln and Teesside) and in Cape Town, South Africa, and we cover the whole of the UK and other international locations. 

If your school requires significant travel beyond one of our team locations, then toll charges may apply and mileage will be charged at 45p per mile.


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Choose your nearest Respect ME team, or choose 'UK' or 'International'.